Tamara Agajanov, MD joined Neurvati as SVP, Clinical Operations on March 20, 2022.

Tamara brings a wealth of experience to Neurvati, having served in a diverse range of roles spanning 27 years in the pharmaceutical industry. She was trained as an M.D. in her native Tblisi, Georgia, with focus on pediatrics.

In her most recent position as Therapeutic Area Lead for Oncology at Boehringer Ingelheim, she was responsible for a top to bottom reassessment of operational methods geared to developing the most urgent needed therapies for difficult-to-treat cancers such as lung and gastrointestinal cancers.

Prior positions include Clinical Program Leader for Immunology, Inflammation, and Infectious Diseases at Roche Pharmaceuticals, where she oversaw several global studies in Hepatitis, Sjogren’s Syndrome and HCC, and leading roles in global Phase I-III programs for oncology and neuroscience at Roche, Novartis and Merck. She is most proud of being part of Tasigna and Gilenya success stories.

But it was Tamara’s position as VP of clinical Operations at Ovid Therapeutics that had the most significant impact on both her professional life and personal goals. While working at Ovid, her exposure to patients and their families severely impacted by rare epilepsy, transformed her mission to seeking unconventional means for expediting clinical trials. This demanded that Tamara challenge status quo thinking and pushed her to create a new operational model.

Tamara’s stateside focus is on leading highly complex, cutting-edge clinical trials, with an emphasis on clinical development and operations in early- and late stage studies.